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Compressed Air Duster, KOONIE 40000RPM Powerful Multi-Use Electric Air Duster
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500W Powerful Motor

This electric air dust collector was equipped with a powerful 500W motor, the greater power create the stronger blowing force at 43m/s, which can take 99% dust away from any electronic device and create a deep cleaning for your room, office.

Speed Modes

Plug and use, no need to worry about running out of battery, built in 2 speed control to adjust different mode (High Speed: 40000RPM, Low Speed: 30000RPM ) .You can choose different air volume according to your need, suitable for clean computers, camera lenses, sofas, electronic equipment, medical equipment etc.

Alternative to Compressed Air

As a perfect replacement for compressed air gas, our computer cleaner does not contain any chemicals, safe for the environment, and will not damage solid-state electronic components and integrated circuits. The filter at the bottom of the air inlet can be cleaned, replaced and reused, allows more than 5000 times of use, more cost-effective than constantly buying compressed air tanks.


Our compressed air duster nozzle adopts a detachable design and equipped with 3 nozzles, making it an easily maneuverable versatile device. The slender nozzle is suitable for cleaning corners or places beyond the reach of hands like computer case, keyboard. The brush nozzle is suitable for rugged surface dusting like sofa, carpet, and air conditioners. Another nozzle can be used to inflate or deflate airbeds, swim ring, and floats etc. It is your best choice for saving money.

Handheld and Simple Operation

The weight is only 1.4lb, detachable nozzle also makes the product easier carrying and storage than other wired dust blower in the market. Having an extra 10ft cord, no worries for long-distance use. One button to operate, button up and down to switch mode, press to the middle to close.


Keep Blowing Powerful Airflow For Up To 30 Minutes

Strong Airflow


AC Power


Powerful and Energy Efficient 500w Motor

2 Speed Control

1. Push button to || : High Speed

2. Push button to O: Turn off

3. Push button to | : Low Speed

Widely Application

Easily remove all kinds of intractable diseases

1 Charge = 60 Cans of Canned Air